Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Prima Marketing :) :) :)

Hello Hello :)

Today I would like to share with you a Step-by-step that I created for Prima Marketing, 
Blogged >>> HERE .
Layout - LOL

Sept step louise
I like to create mylayouts on a sturdy background as I use layers of wet mediums that would otherwise make cardstock disintegrate. So I begin with a 12 x 12 grey board, which has been spray-painted with white paint.
Sept step louise 1

When the background is dry select desired stencil [Louise just loves this new release stencil by Finnabair] and place on background in desired position.
Sept step 2
Then using a clear embossing inkpad, apply embossing ink over the stencil to create a doily pattern on the background.
Sept step 3

Sprinkle over a good layer of clear fine embossing powder. Shake off excess and then heat set using a heat gun.
Sept step4
As you can see from this close up the stencil pattern isn’t perfect, it is quite abstract! But that is okay as it fits perfectly with the ‘look’ Louise wants to achieve.
Sept step 5
Apply a very liberal coating of chalkboard mist over the embossed area.
Sept step6

Tilt the background ensuring that there is some paper towel to catch the dribbles.
Sept step7
Then with water mister set on spray ‘rinse ‘ the mist off until there is a faint coating of the chalkboard mist. Continue to mist the whole of the background with water until there is a fine coating of water.

Once again apply a slightly less liberal coat of chalkboard mist over the embossed area.
Sept step9
Lay the layout flat, then using the heat gun start to dry the mist and water starting at the centre of the embossed area. As you can see from the picture above it spreads the mist out across the background.
Sept step10
While the background is still slightly damp, mop up the mist and water using the same paper towel used to catch the drips. Don’t be too particular and concentrate on leaving patches of the mist colored to create a free-style pattern of color that extends out from the embossed area.
Sept step 11
When you have finished blotting up some of the colored mist, re-wet the centre of the embossed area with the water mister.
Sept step12
Using the same paper towel blot away some of the colored mist from the centre of the embossed area. This will help to subtly highlight some of the embossed pattern.
Sept step 13
You can now allow the background to dry naturally before completing it or dry it off gently with a heat gun.
Well, I do hope you liked that technique.
Sept step louise2
I encourage you too have a try; but please not to get discouraged if it doesn’t look the same or as good as you would like it. I NEVER knows how her layout backgrounds are going to look when they are finished! I just love the process of creating, and experimenting, and going with the flow to see what evolves.

Sept step louise3

If you do ‘have a go', please do share with a link to your project in the comments section >>> HERE :) or on the Prima Marketing Facebook page. I would so love to see what you create!

Prima Products Used:

  • 12 x 12 Grey Board
  • Spray paint white
  • Ranger Embossing ink
  • Embossing powder
  • Coconut fibre
  • Florist vine
  • Staples
  • Tattered Angels Chalkboard glimmermist - Decadence
  • Staples
  • Small soft bristle paint brush
  • Stapler
  • Water mister
  • Clear Drying liquid glue
  • Adhesive foam dots
  • Heat gun
  • Paper towel

Cheers for now,

Happy Scrapping, Louise :) xx

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Imaginarium Designs :) :) :)

Hello Hello :)

Today I would like to share with you an ATC that I made at a recent retreat that I attended. Now please be kind as creating ACT's is not something that I am familiar with, but despite that I still wanted to share the creative experience with you, to showcase how awesome Imaginarium Designs is for making mixed media style ATC's :)

Currently Imaginairum Designs doesn't carry an ATC background but I have had a chat with Jane and she said that if you are interested just to contact her and she will more than happily cut an order for you :) :) :)

For my ATC I cut down a tag. In this next picture you can see the supplies I have used. I had pre-sprayed the heart sheet with white gesso spray.

After adhering the hearts to the ATC I applied a liberal coat of Viva Decor Croco Crackle [tip I was toooo liberal and the finish wasn't as nice as I would have liked]

The crackle medium was in fact way to thick and it didn't crackle as much as I would have liked.

When the crackle was dried I applied water color paint [Hero Arts] to highlight the crackle pattern.

I added a few extra splats of black paint to break up the starkness/contrast of the red paint. 

I have enjoyed this 'test run' of creating an ATC so I plan on having another go so keep your eye out for my blog post next month.

Cheers and I do hope you are having a great weekend :)

Prima NSD Blog post :)

Hello hello :)

Next is a little step-out I would like to share with you, for this Tag, 

Materials List
Prima Marketing
Trim [Silver] 564117
Trim [White] 564124
Sunrise Sunset Vintage Trinkets 960339
Sunrise Sunset Vintage Trinkets 960322
Sunrise Sunset Vintage Trinkets 960308
Prima Flowers Tatiana White 566333
Velvet Trinkets 560010
SIIC 551483

12 x 12 grey board - Imaginarium Designs
Tag for template
Spray Gesso

Extra kit
Stanley knife
Tonic scissors

To begin with I traced out a large tag shape onto some grey board and then cut it out using a stanley knife and metal ruler. for the freehand cutting around the corners I used my Tim Holtz tonic scissors.

I then spray painted the tag with spray gesso however if you dont have the spray gesso, then straight gesso or white paint applied with a roller/paint brush is perfect!

I then applied clear drying glue to the background [see picture above]. I then began to overlay pre cut strips of Prima fibre [as above].

I continued laying on the strips of fibre until the entire tag was covered, and allowed it to dry.

When the glue was dry I trimmed the excess from around the edges of the tag.

This is a close up of how the surface of the tag looked before I completed decorating the tag.

I distressed a length of the silver trim and then looped it before stapling it to the tag.

I then glued a cluster of 3 flowers over the distressed trim. I further embellished these flowers with some of the fabulous Sunrise Sunset Vintage Trinkets.

Below are some close up pictures of the final embellishing :)

Cheers and I do hope you enjoy :) :) :)

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Last December I was honoured to be asked be the amazing Riikka to contribute to a series of fabulous Creative Christmas Calendar inspiration blog posts. this was my contribution.

Funky Wire Christmas Decorations 
by Louise Nelson

"I would like to share with you some very simple quick and easy Christmas decorations They can be created to suit whatever colour scheme you would like, the colour is only limited by what is available in the range of spray paints in your local hardware store.

What you will need; 
Polystyrene balls 
Christmas flowers 
Spray paint 
Clear drying glue 
Tools you will need; 
Wire cutters 

Forming hanging loop

To start with cut a length of wire approximately 50cm long. Then in a free form manner create loops and waves in the wire [as depicted above].

When you are happy with your design twist the ends over to complete your free form patterned loop.

Bend these ends to the same shape as depicted in the photo above. Put to one side and begin to fashion the ball part of the decoration.

Cut a short length approximately 6-7cm long and bend over [as depicted above]. 

Forming Decoration

To start with bend over the end over the wire at right angles, about 2.5cm.

Push this end into the foam ball in the midline. 

Whilst holding this in position with your thumb proceed to wind the wire abound the foam ball. Continue to wind it around in a segmental manner.

When you are happy with the wire coverage around the ball, cut the wire with a short length of about 4cm, bend it over as shown above and press end into the foam ball, over the centre where the wire passes over itself, this will help to hold the wires in place.

Using the short bend over length press it into foam ball over the crossed over wires to hold them in place at the other end of the ball.

Attach the free form loop in the same manner. 

Embellishing Decoration 

Using your desired colour spray paint spray the decoration on all sides and allow to dry.

Once dry adorn with your desired Christmas themed flowers and embellishments. I have kept mine simple and used Prima flowers which were glued into position. 

I do hope you enjoyed this quick easy step out on my Funky Wire Christmas embellishments."