Sunday, May 5, 2013

Prima NSD Blog post :)

Hello hello :)

Next is a little step-out I would like to share with you, for this Tag, 

Materials List
Prima Marketing
Trim [Silver] 564117
Trim [White] 564124
Sunrise Sunset Vintage Trinkets 960339
Sunrise Sunset Vintage Trinkets 960322
Sunrise Sunset Vintage Trinkets 960308
Prima Flowers Tatiana White 566333
Velvet Trinkets 560010
SIIC 551483

12 x 12 grey board - Imaginarium Designs
Tag for template
Spray Gesso

Extra kit
Stanley knife
Tonic scissors

To begin with I traced out a large tag shape onto some grey board and then cut it out using a stanley knife and metal ruler. for the freehand cutting around the corners I used my Tim Holtz tonic scissors.

I then spray painted the tag with spray gesso however if you dont have the spray gesso, then straight gesso or white paint applied with a roller/paint brush is perfect!

I then applied clear drying glue to the background [see picture above]. I then began to overlay pre cut strips of Prima fibre [as above].

I continued laying on the strips of fibre until the entire tag was covered, and allowed it to dry.

When the glue was dry I trimmed the excess from around the edges of the tag.

This is a close up of how the surface of the tag looked before I completed decorating the tag.

I distressed a length of the silver trim and then looped it before stapling it to the tag.

I then glued a cluster of 3 flowers over the distressed trim. I further embellished these flowers with some of the fabulous Sunrise Sunset Vintage Trinkets.

Below are some close up pictures of the final embellishing :)

Cheers and I do hope you enjoy :) :) :)

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